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Sabatino - The Company

Just after the turn of the century, in 1911, Sabatino Tartufi was founded. Sabatino Balestra and his wife Giuseppa began in a small storefront in Montecastrilli , Umbria , catering to local families by distributing truffles, olives, olive oil and sardines.

During this period, in this part of Umbria , the heart of central Italy , people cultivated wheat and corn and their main food was bread and soup made with various pulses, not truffles. However, Sabatino & Giuseppa, certain of the extraordinary qualities of their products and driven by the belief that there was and would continue to be a growing consumer market for high-quality and fresh-tasting products, continued in their efforts to create a company that could share with the rest of the world the value and exquisiteness of the truffle. Their vision and philosophy to always maintain the highest quality standards and to provide the freshest products has been passed on to three generations and today is embodied to its fullest in the Sabatino Tartufi legacy as it exists today.

Just shy of 100 years in the traditional family trade of producing and commercializing truffles, the present day Sabatino Tartufi, owned and managed by the third generation after Sabatino & Giuseppa, have continued to build the company's solid reputation as the leading authority in the Truffle business. Now a large agricultural company with vast black and white truffle grounds, modern production laboratories and widespread distribution, the present day Sabatino Tartufi brings freshly picked and produced products to your table in 24 hours.

Today, almost a century later, Sabatino Tartufi is the premier source for truffle products and is the leading brand of truffle products in the United States.

The vision and philosophy continues...

Tradition and innovation have come together in the present day Sabatino Tartufi, where not only the highest quality fresh truffles are available to its customers but also the highest quality preserved products . The first step, the choice of the best quality truffles, is ensured to consumers by Sabatino Tartufi's direct knowledge and long-term experience. Thereafter, development and production comes together in a carefully controlled environment using the highest technology and collaboration. All of Sabatino Tartufi's product development and production is carried out in exclusive cooperation with one of the most important Italian research institutes to monitor the various processing stages of its products, preserving the taste, aroma and unique quality of its truffles and ultimately ensuring the highest quality products for consumers.

Quality Assurance

The use of fresh prime truffles, picked at exactly the right ripeness stage, the expert use of advanced processing technologies, together with specifically elaborated recipes, make it possible for us to keep the wholesomeness and originality of flavors.

We produce specialties that are perfect in consistency and aroma and guarantee particularly high yields with exceptional results in the kitchen.

Our high and constant quality has always been recognized as a strength of Sabatino Truffles products. The products are supported by a rigorous control application of HACCP, an application of strict hygienic principles and careful analysis of the composition of the ingredients we use. Constant and accurate quality control continuously verify all processing stages, from the introduction of prime materials right until the stocking of the finished products.

Our passion for quality stems from a long traditional experience in production. This heritage has developed into an authentic company philosophy which is very rigorously followed.

Fact, in 2004 the Company received the first ISO 9001 certification for its Quality System, with a CERMET and TUV recognition.